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The Embalmer

by Vince Tañada










Running time

2 Hrs 4’


Production status

Completed; Looking for distributors and world sales



PhilStagers Films, Maison ZBZ

The Embalmertells the story of the Corintho family who owns a funeral business. The patriarch controls the entire household and darkness continues to develop amongst themselves.



The story begins with the death of the matriarch, Milagros. Leaving Isabel to deal with the responsibility of dealing with the errands in the family business and the household left behind by her mom, and then some. Isabel, not wanting to be imprisoned by his father’s control and demands, decided to escape. Her plans were foiled when she got caught by the household Miding and Oryang. To keep Isabel from fleeing, his father, Segismundo decided to arrange for her to be married to Lemuel, Segismundo’s assistant in the funeral house. Just when Isabel thought he was finally free of his father’s control, the darkness will eventually engulf the entire household, choking the light and life in the Corintho family’s funeral house. The Embalmer is a tragedy filled with secrets, layered upon secrets, scandals hiding in plain sight, the hypocrisy of humanity, and the consummation of desires.


Director’s Biography

Vince Tanada is a playwright, theater actor, producer, lawyer, and founder of PhilStagers Films. An emerging prolific filmmaker, whose first feature film is award-winning KATIPS(2021), AKO SI NINOY (2023), and THE EMBALMER (2023) an adaptation of Palanca Award-winning piece for Literature, screening at Cannes Marche du Film 2023.

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