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Prima Noi

by Benjamin Vasquez Barcellano


Italy, Philippines






4K, color


Running time



Production status

Completed, Looking for distribution, World Sales and Festival



Roby Borracia & Maison ZBZ


A disturbed man fearlessly voices his opinions and reacts as driven by his personal values he has acquired throughout his lifetime. His moral compass guides his behaviour. Will it provideguidance in making an ethical decision in an unexpected life-changing situation?



Prima Noi is an introspection on the life of a typical man and what has made him embracea certain moral compass in order to protect himself and his kind from a certain perceived enemy orperceived competition for survival.Noticeably, racism has seemingly become systemic, prejudice hasapparently been institutionalized. Putting the main character in the shoes of his perceived enemy putshis morals to test.


Director’s Biography

Benjamin Vasquez Barcellano an artist-teacher-alumnus of a premier theatercompany, Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA). Studied Arts & Philosophy in AdamsonUniversity.Attended filmmaking workshop at Adolfo Alix Jr. 6-months storytelling & filmmakingworkshop during the pandemic. A Filipino migrant-artist living in Italy now trying cinema as anexpression thus his debut film Prima Noi (2023).

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