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It Comes with Age

by Rodiell Veloso








4K, color


Running time


Production status

Pre-production, looking for post production funds



Hyde Films, Maison ZBZ

In the early 2000s Mindanao, an old man tries to hold off informing his granddaughter of her father's death as she eagerly tries to prove to him that she is not a child anymore.



A story of a grandfather and his 7 yr-old grandchildren, Esperanza who are at odds with each other when the old man remarks on the little girl’s refusal to eat durian during lunch;“Durian isn’t for kids”. Throughout the day,Esperanza starts recording her height on the wall repeatedly, believing what her father once said about kids becoming fully grown once they have stopped growing taller.


Director's bio/filmography

Rodiell Veloso is an emerging filmmaker from the Philippines. His short film; SORE (2019) was officially selected for Nepal International Film Festival, and Death toPhilippine Cinema (2018) was exhibited in QCinema International Film Festival. He wrote the screenplay of Devils in Paradise of JoeBacus participated in the Asian Project Market at Busan International Film Festival (2019), was invited to Southeast Asia Fiction FilmLab’s Open House 2019 in Bangkok Thailand

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