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Por Que, Porque

by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo



Light drama/Romance


Digital 6K/colour


Running time


Production status

In post-production, Looking for World Sales & Distributor


Shooting period




Mobeous Films, Maison ZBZ


«TAPI», a man from the Subanen tribe, suffers from stuttering, a speech disorder. The only time that he does not stutter is when he is singing or when is with «BELLA», a childhood friend he falls in love with even in different stages of his life. Bella changes Tapi’s life as she teaches him how to stay calm so he can overcome his speech defect and gain confidence in love and life.


Director’s Biography

Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo is a freelance artist making Film &Theater productions. A graduate of Theater Arts at the University of the Philippines and pursued a scholarship at the Tanghalang Pilipino under the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Her short films include Babae«Woman» (2005), Little (2009), and Au Revoir Philip (2012). Her impressive filmography includes award-winning films; Anita’s Last Cha-Cha (2013), Lorna (2014), Kita Kita (2017), Mr. &Mrs. Cruz (2018), Untrue(2019), and Walang Kaparisacquired by Prime Video. She continuously makes films with passion tackling a myriad of topics such as human rights, women empowerment, political, and social issues, and appreciation of culture.

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