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Himala (The Miracle)

by Vince Tanada





Musicale Remake



4K, color


Running Time



Production status

In pre-production, Script available; Looking for funds and co-production



PhilStagers Films, Maison ZBZ


Himala the musical is a remake of the HIMALA, a 1982 Filipino tragedy written by Ricky Lee based on a series of alleged Marian apparitions to schoolgirls on Cabra Island in the province ofOccidental Mindoro, which took place from 1966 to 1972. Initially filmed and directed by Ishmael Bernal and entirely in the Philippine province of Ilocos Norte in just three weeks with a budget of only Php 3M. The first Filipino film was selected for the Berlin International Film Festival. in 1983. Since then, Himala has been exhibited in numerous international film festivals around the world. Himala the musicale will be told from the point of view of the Manila base filmmaker, Orly who arrives in town to make a documentary of Elsa. A barrio lass, whose supposed visions of the Virgin Mary change her life, turning her into an overnight sensation and causing mass hysteria in a poor isolated northern Philippines village suffering from a drought. Is there really a miracle?


Director’s Biography

Vince Tanada is a playwright, theater actor, producer, lawyer, and founder ofPhilStagers Films. An emerging prolific filmmaker, whose first feature film is award-winning KATIPS(2021), AKO SI NINOY (2023), and THE EMBALMER (2023) an adaptation of Palanca Award-winning piece for Literature, screening at Cannes Marche du Film 2023.


Director’s Note
HIMALA is one of the Philippines' greatest film classics. One of the films that have time and again proven that Filipino artistry transcends time and that the culture of the people will always remain as something that can be relatable in whatever time period. Recognized the world over, Himala has created a cult following. And while it is a daunting task to re-create, re-envision and make a work of art that has already made its niche; it is a challenge that may prove to be a cap to any director, lyricist, and artist career despite the risks of comparison

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