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Breaking Rome

by Giulia Chimp Giorgi





Experimental documentary





Running time



Production status

In development; Looking financial partners





Shooting period

Last quarter 2024



Baburka Production Soc Coop & Maison ZBZ



The story of a community through the city spaces it has lived in.


A different perspective on Rome, its architecture, and its spaces through the perception of street dancers. A documentary that wants to merge images of experimental dance with the architecture of the city, telling through the eyes of the local breakdance community the story of how these places, often off the tourists’ radar, have been lived, kept alive, and transformed over the years, all while retracing the history of the community itself. Through the narrations by some historic representatives of the Roman breakdance scene, who embody the various decades of its evolution, will visually and historically relive spaces in the city center. Leaving the city center, we will take a look at the Pigorini Museum of Civilisations and Cultures in Eur and Don Bosco Square, up to the former Air Terminal, which has now become the Eataly shopping center. The title itself indicates the attempt to “break down” the classic vision of the city, and take the viewer on a journey through historical panoramas, experimental images, and graphic art that will show us Rome as most of us have never seen it.


Director’s bio/filmography

Giulia Chimp Giorgi is a polyhedric figure, she is a member of the Wild Up b-girl Crew. As a hip Hop Activist, she organized several international Hip Hop youth exchanges supported by the EU and events. She directed the hip-hop documentaries «1 World Under a Groove» and «Break the Siege» and the experimental projects “The Anti-sexist Manifesto in the Italian Rap» and «Sobreviviente». She co-founded the film production Baburka Production, the first Italian SFX makeup association “EffectUs” and the independent cinema productions network“Il Cartellodegli Indipendenti”. Moreover, she is the art director of the

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