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Blanche Aussi (Bianca Too)

by Yoshida
Screenshot 2023-05-13 at 10.42.37 PM.png





Human Drama



2.39 RED DRAGON, black & white


Running time

90’- 120’


Production status

In-pre-production; Looking for script development Funds and co-production



Fribourg / Philippines and USA


Shooting Period

2nd quarter 2024



Maison ZBZ


Provisional Casting

Isabelle Huppert

“Blanche aussi” is a sequel to the short film Bianca that tackles the universal issue of incest - a taboo in the Philippines. Now married still haunted by his past tries to confront the realities. Is it worth it?



Fast forward to Blanche now 30yrs old, married with no children living in Switzerland. Meeting her mother who works at the UN and has not seen her for a long time in a Filipino gathering. Both not seeing eye to eye nor communicating felt awkward. She felt abandoned by her mother when she was 12 yrs old living alone with her father, Ramon an artist who eventually left her in her grandparent's care. Back home Blanche like usual greets her husband but with no intimacy, they talk about the gathering and went to bed. Blanche had a dream-like nightmare that has been haunting her for a series but not clear. The only clear for her is to travel back to the Philippines and visit her father. Her father Ramon an artist living in Tagaytay overlooking Taal Lake. She was not sure of what to expect but her father was excited to see her. They talk almost in silence without the possibility of what happened. He burst out into tears with remorse and asked apology from her daughter. Blanche whose trying to control her emotions just lets her tears fall and walk out to the door. She opened it from darkness to white light. She sees her husband and smiles.


Producer's note

Based on the short film Blanche where the director herself was the lead actress, I find it meaningful to make it into a feature for Blanche to direct herself. Her idea and concept of storytelling is a challenge not only for her but for me as a producer having to co-write and co-direct the short film was already challenging. Merging the old film in 16mm and the present film in RED DRAGON hopefully would give a different style of filmmaking for this digitalized generation. A film within a film mix with a new sense of cinematography would indeed bring the audience into the audacity of a journey, an experience to watch together.

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