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A Traverse Beyond Windows and Tunnels

by Perry Dizon








4K, colour


Running time



Production status

Work in progress; Looking for post production funds



Perry Dizon, Maison ZBZ


A story of a Filipino nomad filmmaker who travels to Europe to attend a prestigious film festival. He meets expatriates who give him a tour of different places in Switzerland. The documentary focuses on the conversation after the tours. He also meets exiles and European friends who are dedicated to helping filmmakers from the homeland, such as himself get opportunities to show their works to a wider audience. He meets more Filipinos able to establish their lives in Europe to escape the injustices in their own country. On the surface, the story is about a filmmaker’s adventures in a foreign land. But deeper layers show the filmmaker’s longing for home so he can be safe and comfortable - a place where he can flourish without fear or danger for his life, for doing what he loves to do – filmmaking.


Director’s biography

PerryDizon is an actor and production designer known for Melancholia (2008)Qiyama (2012), From Whatis Before (2014), and the award-winning DRIVE MYCAR (2021) as an actor. His first documentary film OFCATS, DOGS, FARM ANIMALS & SASHIMI (2015)was his foray as Director. Jury Special Mention Award in Taiwan InternationalDocumentary Film Festival(2016), Best DocumentaryFilm, Gawad URIAN Award(2016). A Traverse BeyondWindows, Frames & Tunnelsis his 2nd documentary(2022).

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