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by Albert Langitan
Karma Film poster





Action, drama



Digital 6K/colour


Running time



Production status

In post-production; Looking for World Sales & Distributor


Shooting period

January – March 2023



Mobeous Films, Maison ZBZ, CMB Philippines


Angel’s life takes a tragic turn when her father, a respected police officer, is brutally killed in front of her on her eight birthday. The heinous act pushes her to seek justice for the oppressed and bring her father’s killer to face the consequences of his actions. However, Angel’s path to justice takes a dark turn when she accidentally kills aman attempting to mug a father and daughter.


Director’s Biography
Albert Langitan, was born in Manila,studied Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at the University of thePhilippines. He took a short course in ABS-CBN Talent Center and started his career as a scriptwriterfor drama series, talk shows, and the Philippines’ Big Brother reality show.He became an in-house director and creative head of the show. He servedas creative consultant of GMA-TVReality Unit. His first film AmnesiaLove (2018) as writer/director. AngProbinsyano TV Series (2019) asdirector concurrent, Karma (2023) asdirector and producer under his ownproduction Mobeus Films OPC. As amanifestation of his committment tocontribute to a positive change inthe Philippine Film Industry and itsdevelopment.

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